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Racing for the golden performance

Solvang’s annual Energy Efficiency Award lines up our vessels for the big match: Who can outperform the others in seamanship and vessel operation?

#UN13 #UN9

Who said deep-sea shipping is tedious stuff? Every year Solvang kicks off a special competition between the crews on our vessels: Who can outperform the others in terms of tactical and strategic seamanship, smart operation and technical proficiency?

The rules of the competition are adjusted for each vessel’s SEEMP, the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan. From there on, it’s all about skills and tactics:

  • Who picks the best routes?
  • Who navigates the weather better?
  • Who hits the optimal trim of vessel?
  • Who operates the engines best?
  • Who has best engine maintenance/performance?
  • Who thinks out the best power-saving plan?

The point scores


A score between 1 and 3, where 3 marks strong effort and highly relevant plans on bridge/deck, engine and galley, whereas 1 is lack in effort on those plans.
Self-assessment: A score from 1 to 3 on each crew’s evaluation of what has been done, how it was monitored, and what plans they have for next year.

AER performance:

The AER value for 2022 compared to 2021, as to whether an IMO rating has changed. Add vessel speed, time at sea, time in ballast condition, as well as time since last docking, and the result will be a point score from 1 to maximum 5.

Motivation behind fleet performances

In 2022, the Energy Efficiency Award was marked by very strong performances in the previous year, as well as the phasing in of EEXI reporting to IMO. All together, the room for pure operational improvements was present, but smaller than in previous years.

The main purpose of the Solvang Energy Efficiency Awards is to create motivation for SEEMP work, and to make the personnel focus on AER performance.

Efficiency is good for the environment and good for business. Requirements from IMO are on the raise, and we must improve to stay in business. Our AER performance depends on our CO2 emissions and distance sailed. These are factors which we can control and affect if we do things right, utilize our equipment and implement actions for best practice.