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Reducing our environmental impact

All human activity has an impact on life on land and in the sea. Our goal is to minimize operational and indirect emissions, and strive for zero spills to the environment.

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As part of our environmental certification ISO 14001, Solvang has established an overview of our environmental footprint to sea and land, and rated our impact as “significant” or “non-significant”. All classified as “significant” have programs for controlling/monitoring and reducing our impact.

To reduce our environmental footprint, we need to deal with all important aspects – preferably at the same time. In fact, reduction of one parameter very often implies an increase in other aspects – which makes this quite challenging. Therefore, the vessels’ design will be a compromise between different aspects. Most of the environmental aspect are also covered by rules and regulations.

Taking care of the vessel

Our environmental footprint depends on operation and maintenance of the equipment on-board. Wrong operation or poor maintenance can increase emissions far above the expected levels.


  • Continuous improvements, increased knowledge
  • Maintenance
  • Retrofits and technical improvements
  • Optimal speed and route
  • Cooperation between ship master, customers and organization

Ship recycling

With Solvang maintenance level, the technical lifetime of a Solvang vessel is more than 30 years. This is ensured by the continuous maintenance and CAP program (Condition Assessment Program), for all Solvang vessels from 15 years and older.

The majority of Solvang customers prefer newer vessels, therefore the commercial lifetime in our trade very often is limited to around 20-25 years. This means that the vessel still has long technical lifetime left in other markets.

Our environmental footprint depends on operation and maintenance of the equipment on board.

It is therefore unlikely that our older vessels will be sold for recycling but will continue to trade for many years.

If a Solvang owned vessel is to be recycled, the vessel will be recycled in compliance with:

  • the Hong Kong Convention.
  • the guidelines to the Hong Kong Convention to be issued by the International Maritime Organization; and
  • the EU Ship Recycling regulation (1257/2013)

Any vessel owned by Solvang which is taken out of service for dismantling while in its ownership or which is sold to an intermediary with the intention of being dismantled, is recycled at a recycling yard which conducts its recycling business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in accordance with the rules and regulations listed above.

No vessel may be scrapped or dismantled by Solvang unless an Inventory of Hazardous Material or equivalent documentation for hazardous materials on board, has been established for such vessel.