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Saying no to corruption in all relationships

Solvang works systematically against corruption and says no to bribery in all our activities globally.

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Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) is a leading global anti-corruption initiative, and Solvang’s arena to discuss and improve shipowners’ opportunities to fight the proliferation of criminal activities in our sector. Through the network’s organization Solvang works together with local governments in countries such as Nigeria, with the aim to raise awareness and incentivize adoption of new procedures against corruption. We strongly believe in applying tools to standardize the answer “no” to criminal undermining of legal trade and transportation world-wide.

Actual improvements

Solvang encourages and supports all our employees in the effort to report corrupt demands, thereby facilitating formal investigations locally. In the long term, a consistent practice of reporting all incidents can lead to a cultural change.

Among other concrete areas of risk and need of special awareness, the Suez Canal is a recurrent topic. For several years, Solvang has worked through relevant channels and organizations (MACN) to strengthen the integrity and international cooperation to put in place an action plan with local authorities. After the plan was put into force, we are proud to conclude that anti-corruption efforts actually can contribute to a better world and working environment for our hard-working staff.

Supplier’s conduct

Throughout our extensive network of suppliers, Solvang executes zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. We expect the highest standard of moral and ethical conduct from our suppliers. It is a prerequisite for Solvang’s collaboration with suppliers for them to respect local laws and not engage in any form of corrupt practices, including extortion, fraud, or bribery. If any employee or professional under contract with Solvang may have an interest of any kind in the supplier’s business or any kind of economic ties with the supplier, Solvang requires this information to be shared with us in order to maintain the integrity of all our transactions.

Solvang’s dedication

There should never be any doubt that Solvang assumes full responsibility for the integrity of its relationships with others. We will not accept nor offer any benefits in order to smoothen business with the company. To stay fully transparent and accountable Solvang will reject invitations to sporting or cultural events, holidays and recreational trips or activities paid by interested parties. Any exceptions connected with Christmas or other occasions will include only small gratuities which don’t raise doubt about Solvang’s dedication to fight corruption in all its forms, everywhere we go.