The technical management of all the ships is taking place in-house at the company's headquarters in Stavanger. Chartering and operation of the company's ships is being done at our commercial office in Oslo. In addition, the company has a crew manning office in Manila, Philippines.

The operation of all the ships, both commercial and technical, is managed from the company's fully integrated shipping organization.

Semi-refrigerated/ethylene carriers

This segment includes semi-refrigerated, ethylene capable ships from 17,100 to 21,000 cbm. In this segment the Group had 8 ships operating in the spot market, and on short to medium term TC contracts.


This segment is defined as fully refrigerated LPG ships from 59,000 to 60,000 cbm. The fleet consists of 9 LGC ships, all operating on TC of varying length.


This segment is defined as fully refrigerated LPG ships from 78,000 to 84,000 cbm. Solvang has a total of 5 ships in this segment. Tre Group has three Panamax VGC ships between 78,000 and 80,000 cbm, and two VLGC ships of 84,000 cbm.

The Panamx VLGC's are purpose-built for transportin gLPG from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico to the west coast of Central America as well as the Far East. All vessels are currently on contracts, three on long term and the other two on medium to short term contracts. (Year-end -23)

The Group has ownership in seven 88,000 Panamax VLGC's on order from Hyundai Heavy Industries, scheduled for delivery from July 2026 to June 2027.