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The green future of conventional Fuels

After 12 years of experimentation, research and development, Solvang and partners present a game changing technology: The shipboard carbon capture system.

Deep sea shipping at the crossroads

After solving emissions of sulfur and nitrous oxides, shipping still needs to cut CO2 more than existing methods and fuels allow for. The time has arrived for a radical solution.

Our impact – emissions to air

This article covers NOx IMO annex VI, SOx – IMO 2020, Exhaust gas cleaning, CO2 – Green House Gasses

Our impact on life below sea and on land

All human activity including ours has an impact on life on land and in the sea. Our goal is to minimise operational and indirect emissions, and strive for zero spills to the environment.

Positive effects from International Shipping

International shipping brings people together from all parts of the world. Solvang is a good example of this.

What have we achieved with continuous improvements?

Reduction of our environmental footprint is a continuous process, which requires reliable performance data from the vessels. Since 2008, Solvang has systematically recorded vessel performance data and used this for benchmarking sister vessels, develop best operational practice and feed this into the design of our newbuilt ECO LPG carriers (first delivered in 2013).

Innovation for the environment

Since 2010, Solvang has pursued an innovation path to bring heavy fuel oil (HFO) operation into compliance with the strictest NOx emission control. The climate gain is significant.