Solvang ASA was founded in 1936, and celebrated 80 years of operation in October 2016.

We are a fully integrated shipping company with headquarters in Stavanger.

Solvang has a stake in and managing responsibility for 27 ships, all LPG/ethylene tankers, including newbuilding contracts for four 21.000 cbm ethylene vessels for delivery in 2019.

A year by year summary of Solvang's milestones and key events is presented in the chapters below. The company’s history can be divided into three periods:

1. 1936 – 1987        The Gowart-Olsen period (Brødrene Olsen AS)
2. 1983 – 1992        Independent investment company
3. 1992 – Present    Fully integrated shipping company

1936 – 1987
The Gowart-Olsen period (Brødrene Olsen AS)

The company is founded at October 24th.

August 5, “Kongsgaard” of 15,000 dwt is delivered by Kockums in Malmø (Sweden). At delivery, she is the second largest ship in Stavanger.

December 21, “Henrik Ibsen” of 7,650 dwt is purchased. The ship is Stavanger’s largest dry cargo ship.

October, tanker of 16,000 dwt (“Kongsstein” 1942) is contracted at Kockums with delivery set for August 1941.

April 9, Norway is invaded by Germany.

June 19, “Kongsgaard” is torpedoed; the ship is repaired.

February 14, “Kongsgaard” is torpedoed. 38 people are killed. Worst attack related to Stavanger ships during World War II.

September 9, “Kongsstein” is delivered, the first ship in Norway with her own dental office.

October 25, the T2-tanker “Atlantic Africa” of 16 379 dwt is purchased.

April 23, the tanker “Kongsgaard” of 16 080 dwt is delivered. The ship has a Finnish sauna and her own dental office.

April, “Atlantic Africa” is renamed as “Kongsholm”.

February 27, tanker “Kongstank” of 16,210 dwt is delivered from Rosenberg.
December, “Henrik Ibsen” sold and delivered for recycling.

November 18, “Kongsbru” delivered from T.M.V in Trondheim.

January 18, “Kongsstein” 1945 is sold and delivered to Finland.
June 21, tanker “Kongsstein” is delivered from Kockums.

January, Rosenberg contract (”Kongsgaard” 1961) concludes on a 10 year time charter.

November 6, Motor tanker “Kongsgaard” is sold and delivered.

February 5, Rosenberg delivers M/T “Kongsvang” of 32 910 dwt.
The ship is equipped with the world’s largest ship engine.
May 21, tanker “Kongstank” is sold and delivered,

September 1, the company a buys three-fifths share in “Kongsholm” of 5,900 dwt, built in 1957.
September 15, tanker “Kongsgaard” of 32,950 dwt is delivered from Rosenberg.

October 6, “Kongsholm” is sold and delivered.
November 5, “Kongsbru” is sold and delivered.

September 27, “Kongsholm” of 55,700 dwt is delivered from Matsui. The ship is fixed on a 20-year charter to Petrofina.

June 4, tanker “Kongsstein” is sold and delivered.

June 24, line ship “Thermopylæ” 1949 ia purchased from Wilh. Wilhelmsen in Tønsberg, and given the name ”Kongsborg”.
September 9, line ship “Ørnefjell” 1955 is purchased from Olsen & Uglestad in Oslo, and given the name “Kongsfjell”.

August 18, line ship “Kongsborg” is sold and delivered.
October 10, OBO ”Kongshav” of 102,000 dwt is delivered from Öresundsvarvet in Landskrona.
October 17, shipowner Alf Gowart-Olsen dies.

May 26, the tanker “Kongsholm” is sold and delivered.
February, line ship “Kongsfjell” is sold and delivered.
December 11, company contracts two drilling rigs at CFEM in France for delivery in October 1975 and
February 1976.

February 26, tanker “Kongsvang” is sold and delivered.

January 26, the tanker ”Penelope of York” of 85,599 dwt is taken over in a 10 year charter from Japanese Sanko.
February 1, the drilling rig “Henrik Ibsen” 10 250 grt is delivered from CFEM.
June 23, the tanker ”Sanko Prestige” of 85,599 dwt is taken over in a 10 year charter from Japanese Sanko.
July 5, the drilling rig “Alexander L. Kielland” of 10 250 grt is delivered from CFEM.

February 28, tanker ”Kongsgaard” is sold and delivered.

January 18, OBO ”Kongshav” is sold and delivered.
The company is without its own vessels for the first time since 1936.

March 27, the accommodation rig “Alexander L. Kielland” is wrecked.


1983 – 1992, Independent investment company

”Penelope of York” and ”Sanko Presitge” return.
April 26, the company demerges.
Skips AS Activ (Brødrene Olsen AS) takes over 49 percent of the company assets and liabilities, while Skips AS Gezina (Th. Brødvig in Farsund) takes over 46 percent.
The share capital is reduced from NOK 3 million to NOK 150 000. The share capital is subsequently increased by NOK 2,85 million to NOK 3 million.

July 9, LPG/C “Kongsgas” is purchased and taken over at Rafnes.
The accommodation rig “Henrik Ibsen” is sold.
1985 The company A. Gowart-Olsen & Co resigns as manager, and is followed by the company C. Gowart-Olsen & Co.

July 1, the company C. Gowart-Olsen & Co. resigns as manager, while Arild Ertvaag is hired and takes over as new manager.
The Gowart-Olsen period in the company ends.
September 2, LPG/E/C “Clipper Gas” is purchased and taken over.
Ships are being managed by the Inge Steensland controlled company Clipper Shipping AS.


The company’s office is moved to “Solvang House” in Knud Holmsgate 14.
September 28, LPG/C “Clipper Lady” is purchased and taken over.

February 28, Inge Steensland buyst 64 percent of the company’s share capital.
September 7, The Panamax bulker “Clipper Star” is purchased and taken over.


March 25, LPG/C “Clipper Sea” is purchased and taken over.

1992 – present, fully integrated shipping company

August 27, “Clipper Lady” is renamed “New Providence” in connection with a 7 year “bare/boat” charter.

October 19, LPG/C “Clipper Victoria” is purchased and taken over.

July 1, company takes over management of KS AS Heragas and the Heragas' two ships LPG/E/C “Hera” and LPG/E/C “Heros”.
The company moved to bigger offices in “Næringslivets hus”.

October 14, LPG/C “Clipper Skagen” is purchased and taken over.

December 11, LPG/E/C “Clipper Viking” is delivered from Meyer Werft as the first of two sister ships.

April, PCC “Cypress Trail” is purchased and delivered. The ship is registered in Liberia.
July 1, LPG/E/C “Clipper Harald” is delivered from Meyer Werft.
May 5, LPG/C “New Providence" is sold and handed over to new owners.

June 1, the company changes name to Solvang ASA.
January 11, LPG/C “Clipper Lady” is purchased and taken over.
August, LPG/C “Clipper Sun” is purchased and taken over.
August, LPG/C “Harriette N” is purchased and taken over.
February, the Panamax bulker “Clipper Star” is sold and handed over to new owners.

February, two LPG/C 59.000 cbm are contracted at Kawasaki.
May 29, LPG/C 59.000 cbm is contracted at Kawasaki.
Solvang ASA sells its ownership share in LPG/C “Harriette N”.

June 12, LPG/E/C “Clipper Gas” is sold for recycling.
July 10th, LPG/C “Kongsgas” is sold for recycling.

March 26, LPG/C “Clipper Star” is delivered from Kawasaki.
October 7, PCC “Cypress Trail” is reflagged to NIS.
Solvang ASA gets technical management of the LPG/C “Evangelina I” of 75.000 cbm.
December 4, LPG/C “Clipper Moon” is delivered from Kawasaki.

March 19, LPG/C “Clipper Sky” is delivered from Kawasaki.
LPG/C “Clipper Posh” is purchased and taken over.

LPG/C “Clipper Sea” is sold and handed over to new owners.
LPG/C “Evangelina I” is sold for recycling.
June 2, two LPG/E/C 17.000 cbm is contracted at Meyer Werft.
October 10, two LPG/C 60.000 cbm are contracted at Hyundai.
December 1, LPG/C 60.000 cbm is contracted at Hyundai.
December 12, two LPG/E/C 17.000 cbm are contracted at Meyer Werft.

March 1, Panamax LPG/C 75.000 cbm is contracted at Hyundai.
May 2, Panamax LPG/C 75.000 cbm is contracted at Hyundai.

July 31, LPG/E/C ”Clipper Hebe” is delivered from Meyer Werft.
September 24, LPG/C “Clipper Sun” is sold and handed over to new owners.
December 3, LPG/E/C “Clipper Helen” is delivered from Meyer Werft.
PCC “Cypress Trail” is sold and handed over to new owners.

January, ENGC-pool is dissolved.
January 31, BW Gas LGC-pool is dissolved.
April 30, LPG/C “Clipper Sun” under construction, is purchased and taken over.
May 14, Solvang establish the chartering company International Gas Carriers AS in Oslo, in a 50/50 joint venture with Neu Gas Shipping Corp. Ltd.
May 28, LPG/C “Clipper Orion” is delivered from Hyundai.
June 2, LPG/C “Clipper Victoria” is sold for recycling.
June 11, LPG/C “Clipper Sirius” is delivered from Hyundai.
July 10, LPG/E/C “Clipper Hermes” is delivered from Meyer Werft.
August 11, LPG/C “Clipper Neptun” is delivered from Hyundai.
October 14, LPG/E/C “Clipper Hermod” is delivered from Meyer Werft.
November 14, LPG/E/C “Hera” is sold for recycling.
November 20, LPG/C Clipper Mars” is delivered from Hyundai.

LPG/C “Clipper Victory” is delivered from Hyundai.
January 19, LPG/C “Clipper Lady” is sold for recyckling.
July 31, Eitzen Solvang Ethylene AS is established. This is a formalization of the existing cooperation between Solvang ASA and Eitzen Gas AS with the aim of marketing the two companies' ethylene ships.  The charter company is a 50/50 joint venture between the two.

April 21, LPG/E/C “Heros” is sold for recycling.

February 9,  LPG/C "Clipper Posh" 56.000 cbm sold and delivered to new owners.
June 10,  LPG/C 84.000 cbm is contracted at Hyundai.

February 28,  LPG/C 84.000 cbm is contracted at Hyundai.
July 19,  LPG/E/C "Clipper Harald" sold and delivered to new owners.  The vessel has been taken back by the Solvang-sphere on a bare/boat C/P.

June 14, Two LPG/C 60.000 cbm ordered at Hyundai.
June 26,  LPG/C "Clipper Quito" 84.000 cbm delivered from Hyundai.
December 16,  LPG/C "Clipper Posh" 84.000 cbm delivered from Hyundai.
December 19,  1 x LPG/C 60.000 cbm ordered at Hyundai.

October 8, LPG/C "Clipper Skagen" 15.000 cbm, sold and handed over to new owners.

April 8,  LPG/C "Clipper Jupiter" 60,000 cbm, delivered from Hyundai.
June 1,  LPG/C "Clipper Saturn" 60.000 cbm, delivered from Hyundai.
June 3,  Contract for the purchase of LPG/C "Odin" 35.000 cbm signed.
August 12,  LPG/C "Clipper Venus" 60.000 cbm, delivered from Hyundai.
September 7,  Two LPG/C 78.700 cbm ordered at Hyundai for delivery May and August 2017.
November 5,  LPG/C "Clipper Odin" 35.000 cbm, taken over by the Solvang.

March 24, Two LPG/E/C 21,000 cbm ordered at Hyundai MIPO.
March 31, further two LPG/E/C 21,000 cbm ordered at Hyundai MIPO.
May 31, LPG/C "Clipper Freeport" 78,000 cbm, delivered from Hyundai.
June 27, LPG/E/C "Clipper Viking" sold and delivered to new owners.  The vessel has been taken back by the Solvang-group on a bareboat C/P.
August 31, LPG/C "Clipper Vanguard" 78,000 cbm, delivered from Hyundai.
November 28, Unity Invest AS, controlled by the Steensland-Brun Family, launches a voluntary offer for all issued and outstanding shares in Solvang ASA.

January 31, Solvang ASA delisted from the Oslo Stock Exchange.
March 25, LPG/C "Clipper Viking" delivered to new operators.  
April 6, One LPG/C 80,000 cbm ordered at Hyundai.
October 28, Solvang ASA takes over most of the ownership interests in the ship owning shipping partnerships (No: Partrederier). A new Solvang ASA Group is established having 100% ownership in 16 vessels and four new-build contracts, and majority interest in 6 vessels and one new-build contract owned in Joint-Ventures.

January 31,   LPG/E/C "Clipper Eos" 21,000 cbm, delivered from Hyundai MIPO.
April 30,   LPG/E/C "Clipper Enyo" 21,000 cbm, delivered from Hyundai MIPO.
May 29,   LPG/E/C "Clipper Eirene" 21,000 cbm, delivered from Hyundai MIPO.