The environment


Since 2008, Solvang ASA  has collected, systematised and analysed data for consumption of natural resources, sailed distances, cargoes carried, and other information. The tool for collection and analysis were developed in-house and fine-tuned in accordance with our experiences. The collection and measurement of operational data was started in preparation for ISO 14001 (environmental standard) certification, which was achieved in 2010.

We suspected the potential to preserve natural resources within our operations. After some months of collecting data, we were able to identify the extent to which our environmental footprint could be lessened, and start measures to reduce consumption. A systematic approach, the presentation of results and valuable contributions from our seafarers have made this project a success.

Below is our KPI matrix for environment. It displays consumption and emissions for 2013-2019, and targets for 2020.

2013201420152016201720182019Target 2020
Number of oil spills00100000
Tot. fuel cons. HFO [t]132,140162,660167,770194,380200,834185,218198,194NA
Tot. fuel cons. MDO [t]3,0702,51015,67011,17512,39914,77912,518NA
Total lube oil cons. [l]872,0561,061,1001,097,4951,292,9401,391,8811,266,5281,419,882NA
Tot. sailed dist. [NM]1,044,3651,358,9801,494,9301,684,6851,687,1411,633,5641,869,710NA
No. of vessels181821212322/2327NA
g fuel/ton cargo x nautical mile
12,600 cbm8.378.558.618.367.687.537.637.50
17,000 cbm7.567.757.808.127.847.537.117.11
21,000 cbm4.574.3
35,000 cbm3.413.783.673.783.6
K60,000 cbm3.
H60,000 cbm - G12.692.502.452.562.732.562.432.40
H60,000 cbm - G22.502.332.482.482.552.40
75,000 cbm2.762.652.682.622.672.862.612.60
78,000 cbm2.372.392.192.20
80,000 cbm2.262.10
82,000 cbm2.772.822.792.622.902.52.572.50
84,000 cbm2.392.502.442.612.622.492.35
kg fuel/nautical mile (Laden+Ballasted)
12,600 cbm59.558.258.257.953.752.153.350.0
17,000 cbm72.373.773.277.374.871.067.468.0
21,000 cbm53.853
35,000 cbm86.894.986.187.086.0
K60,000 cbm104.698.5102.798.9105.4105.696.4100.0
H60,000 cbm - G1101.097.996.0101.3107.098.595.795.0
H60,000 cbm - G289.883.082.3382.688.885.0
75,000 cbm113.0106.0108.2108.4110.3115.0106.6105.0
78,000 cbm93.096.790.095.0
80,000 cbm94.790.0
82,000 cbm123.0123.1127.6120.5133.8121.9118.2120.0
84,000 cbm115.0107.3111.6110.4120.4118.2112.2107.0
Tot. amount NOX [t]8,93310,88712,22913,67113,975.913,17113,705NA
Tot. amount SOX [t]6,4808,1257,7669,1869,839.28,7808,160.00NA
Tot. amount CO2 [t]428,766514,510571,380641,690657,999623,195656,565NA