Solvang aims to live up to and follow the principles in the UN Global Compact and ISO 14001, and adheres to high ethical and environmental standards in the way we conduct business.

Solvang acknowledges that reaching the standards established in this policy document is a dynamic rather than static process and aims to encourage employees, customers, owners, competitors, public sector, society and the local and global environment to continually improve their standards in areas required.

Solvang has established and maintain appropriate management systems whose scope is related to the content of this policy, and we actively review, monitor and modify our management processes and business operations to ensure they align with the principles set forth.

Solvang has introduced 'Ethical Guidelines' comprising our core Values, Responsibility for an ethical and conscientious relationship with our employees, customers, owners, competitors, public sector, society and the local and global environment, and a 'Supplier code of conduct' embracing the UN GlobalCompact.

Solvang is also a member in the Maritime Anti‐Corruption Network (MACN) and will comply with the good corporate practices in the maritime industry described in their operating charter.

The Trident Alliance is a coalition of ship owners and operators who share a common interest in robust enforcement of maritime sulphur regulation, where Solvang is a member and have signed a Statement of Commitment, in which they commit to supporting robust and transparent enforcement of sulphur regulations as well as to comply with said regulations.

Since more than 95% of Solvang's maritime employees are from the Philippines, it is natural for us to support activities in that country in particular.

Through the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Solvang, as one of 12 members has since 2008 been supporting the SOS Childrens Village in Cebu with annual funding for their operations.

In Norway we also give financial support to various activities like; Redningsselskapet, Pøbelprosjektet and Varmestuens Venner to mention some.