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Rules and regulations outlook

IMO and EU environmental legislations

Racing for the golden performance

Solvang’s annual Energy Efficiency Award lines up our vessels for the big match: Who can outperform the others in seamanship and vessel operation?

Discharges to sea and land

Under normal operation, discharges to the sea are small and we have chosen to consider the following categories:

A long voyage towards discovery

After 12 years of experimentation, research and development, Solvang and our partners present a game changer technology: The shipboard carbon capture system.

Reducing our environmental impact

All human activity has an impact on life on land and in the sea. Our goal is to minimize operational and indirect emissions, and strive for zero spills to the environment.

The well-to-wake reality

Wishful plans to replace large proportions of fossil fuel with renewable energy should be replaced with a holistic approach enabling us to attain the best possible energy mix for the environment.

The cross-sectoral tradeoff

Given the precarious need for climate change mitigation and a scarce supply of renewable energy sources in the foreseeable future, renewable energy sources should be deployed where the climate effect is highest, which sometimes implies a tradeoff between sectors.