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Corporate Governance in Solvang

Reliable control mechanisms sustained at company top-level constitute Solvang’s principal governance structure, and warrant of our values. Meet the Chairman Michael Steensland-Brun (right), Christian Frustøl and Ellen Solstad in Solvang’s Board of Director’s.

The sanctions policy of Solvang

As an advocate of international law and order, Solvang adheres to and supports sanctions and restrictions against blocked nations, entities and persons.

Collective action against corruption

The far-reaching torrents of misconduct can only be mitigated by consistently dismissing proposals and reporting the incidents.

Expanding supply chain management

Solvang’s main office in Stavanger hired two new supply chain officers, substantially expanding the company’s capacity to safeguard and optimize purchases throughout the operation. Supply chain manager Tanja Hunshamar Øvrebø continues to head the purchases division.

Positive effects from international shipping

International shipping brings people together from all parts of the world. Solvang is a good example of this.