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Collective action against corruption

The far-reaching torrents of misconduct can only be mitigated by consistently dismissing proposals and reporting the incidents.

#UN16 #UN17

“Cooperating with other shipowners is the key to reduce the widespread challenge of corruption towards international shipping”, states HSEQ Manager Per-Øyvind Nedrebø in Solvang.

Adhering to the UN Global Compact, Solvang is an active member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN). This is a global anti-corruption initiative, which offers Solvang a forum to discuss and improve shipowners’ odds against criminal activities. According to the Chatham House rules, members can openly discuss cases, as long as identities of entities and persons are kept anonymous.
MACN works with local governments in countries riddled with corruption, with the aim to raise awareness and incentivize adoption of new procedures against corruption. In 2023, some significant achievements were registered in specific ports, which show a positive development.

“Following anonymous reporting of incidents by MACN members, we have been able to act against local misconduct in ports, and to achieve results”, states Mr. Nedrebø.

From "no" to reporting

In some countries, the central government has taken action against corrupt officials, opening a hotline to double-checks any claim for fees based on breach of local regulations and/or requirements. Solvang strongly believes in standardizing the answer “no” to all attempts at undermining legal trade and transportation. Situations of extortion or menace are handled by subsequently submitting a report, both to local authorities and to international bodies.

“Solvang practices full reporting of as many incidents as possible, which we use to assign targeted actions against corruption”, Mr. Nedrebø states.

Integrity of supply networks

Solvang is certified according to ISO 14001-2015, specifying ethical and environmental standards for the company, which is extended throughout the supplier network. It is a prerequisite for Solvang’s collaboration with suppliers for them to respect local laws and not
engage in any form of corrupt practices, including extortion, fraud, or bribery.

If any employee or professional under contract with Solvang may have an interest of any kind in the supplier’s business or any kind of economic ties with the supplier, Solvang requires this information to be shared with us in order to maintain the integrity of all our transactions.

Industry best practice initiatives

Norwegian Hull Club is another association assembling representatives from line, tankers, bulk and other shipping segments. Common topics are corruption trends. There should never be any doubt that Solvang assumes full responsibility for the integrity of its relationships with other parties. We will not accept nor offer any benefits in order to smoothen business with the Company.

To stay fully transparent and accountable Solvang will reject invitations to sporting or cultural events, holidays and recreational trips or activities paid by interested parties. Any exceptions connected with Christmas or other occasions will include only small  gratuities which don’t raise doubt about Solvang’s dedication to fight corruption in all its forms, everywhere we go.