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Corporate Governance in Solvang

Reliable control mechanisms sustained at company top-level constitute Solvang’s principal governance structure, and warrant of our values.

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Since its founding Solvang has kept answerability a focus for governing corporate assets and operations, including our human capital. By upholding the values of mutual respect, team spirit, and quality in everything we do, Solvang has created a culture of ethical business conduct which permeates our activities around the globe.

As anyone who worked with Solvang may have noticed, a certain set of attitudes characterizes how we solve our tasks and relate to each other, our customers, suppliers and the society in general. We think enthusiasm and friendliness best describe this set of attitudes - from the top-level management and the Board of Directors, down to each and every one of the employees.

Attitudes and actions

The company strives to continually earn the trust endowed upon us by our stakeholders. To achieve this, we safeguard a consistent relationship between values, attitudes and the work we actually do by bringing the world raw materials for sustenance and development. The governance control structure which we apply to secure this, includes mandatory approval of all significant operational and financial dispositions, internal control procedures, external audits, and control of the supply chain. By conscientiously adhering to our principles, we believe that gradual improvement will take place for all stakeholders.

No discrimination

We do not accept any discrimination!

The mission is to perform our activities based on respect for all employees. We will conduct our business with social consciousness and show respect for colleagues, business partners and competitors. Solvang will be marked by a high standard in matters relating to health, environment and safety, in accordance with present legislation.