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Delivery of VLGC new-build

We are very pleased to announce the delivery of Clipper Wilma on October 31st 2019 from Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Clipper Wilma is the last vessel of five new-builds delivered to Solvang ASA in 2019, with the first four being 21.000 cbm ethylene carriers. All five vessels achieve IMO Tier III compliance with our in-house developed NOx reduction system.

The new vessels are based on our experience with ECO-Vessels, starting with Clipper Quito, awarded as the first ECO vessel in 2013. On Clipper Wilma and the ethylene new-builds, we combine Hybrid Exhaust Gas Cleaning (Scrubber) with Solvang’s LP-EGR NOx reduction technology. A water cleaning system for the Scrubber is installed, and the waste from the cleaned exhaust is delivered ashore.

The combination of these technologies reduce NOx by 80 % in IMO Tier III operation, SOx by 99 % and particles by 80-90 %. Overall we expect about a 20 % reduction in CO2 compared to our vessels delivered in 2008, reducing CO2 by 7000 tons per year, depending on operation.

With this fifth vessel delivered in 2019, the group now has a total of 27 vessels in the fleet.

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