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Meet Kathrine (27), 3rd Officer on Clipper Posh


CARREER IN SOLVANG: When Kathrine stepped out of her comfort zone and entered the Philippines Cadet Program, she got to know Solvang. Here, she discovered a highly supportive environment opening a path to a better life – for Kathrine herself and for her family.

As Kathrine Jepsani grew up with her four sisters in the Sorsogon province in Luzon Philippines, she was raised to be content with the cards she had been dealt in life. Complaining wouldn’t take her anywhere, she was taught. But dreams would take her farther than she could imagine.

“Ever since I was a kid, a part of me wanted more. I always questioned myself, and by the time I was a teenager, I knew I had to do something to create a change”, Kathrine reveals.

Before she finished high school, Kathrine started applying for scholarships in pursuit of higher education. After several attempts, she was accepted by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, for the Philippines Cadet Program. “I was in awe. I never thought someone like me would ever be in the program. Then I was even more lucky to be picked by Solvang as one of their cadets. From that day on, I will always be grateful to them for letting me enter the shipping industry”, Kathrine says.

Welcoming crew

Beginning with her first meeting with Solvang at the shipowner’s Philippine company in Manila, Kathrine experienced a warm welcome by crew and officers alike. “I can remember the welcome party captain Iriz Paiton threw for the cadets in 2017. From that moment, I knew this is going to be my home far from home”, Kathrine says.

She was introduced to a culture heeding independent thinking. Kathrine’s superior encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone, to explore and think outside the box, in order to learn and maximize her potential. Kathrine quickly learnt to face her fears and overcome any obstacle in an environment that supports her.

“Clipper Posh maintains a good working environment because we treat each other equally with respect and understanding. We make sure nobody is left behind by sharing and listening, especially during tough times due to work or personal matters”, Kathrine explains.

High dreams

Today, Kathrine Jepsani serves her second period as 3rd officer onboard Clipper Posh. She carries out watches during cargo operation as well as during navigation, ensuring everything is executed safely and according to plan. Fire fighting equipment onboard is another of her responsibilities, as well as assisting the captain with administration and documents requirements for port calls. Kathrine safeguards the whole crew in abiding by international and company regulations and procedures. “All my tasks are stimulating and challenge me to learn”, she says.

"What is your plan for the future, and do you have a message to your colleagues?"

“My plan is to continuously grow and expand my knowledge and skills, from onboard experiences as well as seminars and training during my vacation”, says Kathrine. She dreams about one day steering the ship.

“I have always wondered how it feels to be a captain of the ship, now I just have to learn to become one!”

Benefits and sacrifices

Kathrine wants to be an inspiration to others – especially to people just about to start or those who just started their career in shipping.

“We should always be grateful for the things we have, for the people we meet, or the situations we go through. It doesn’t matter how big or small, because we will add a silver lining to those things. A captain once told me, ”What you feed your mind becomes You and it impacts everything that you do.”

In Kathrine’s opinion, Solvang’s employees afford room for one another, allowing for people to turn their diversity into a strength.

“We grant each other a chance to expand our perception of life and seize the opportunity to showcase eachother’s full potential. I always believed that diversity is the best tool for innovation. It suits Solvang’s core values of mutual respect, team spirit and good quality”, Kathrine states.

"What is your benefit from working in Solvang?"

“Solvang has given me the opportunity to have a better life not just for me, but also for my family. I had an opportunity to travel and expand the horizons of my being, my knowledge and people in my social circle. The most important of it all is the opportunity to widen my perspective of life and everything about it. But of course with these opportunities comes also sacrifices of being away from loved ones and leaving the version of myself that I have known as I grew up before I left home”, Kathrine says.