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Placing our people first

Solvang optimizes our operations by empowering our employees: Physically, mentally and in terms of qualifications.

Caring for human resources

Human rights and workers’ conditions are put at center stage in Solvang, which deploys extended tools in order to ensure due diligence at suppliers.

We care for our people

Our officers and crew members are – and must be – physically and mentally fit to meet challenges that confront them every day.

We know a healthy lifestyle contributes to well-being, and therefore it has a high priority at Solvang. This is supported by our health policy and is one of the main parts in Solvang’s «Living the Vision programme».

Our target is always that all employees aboard our vessels and in the offices take care of their bodies and minds. Finding a good balance both physically and mentally is vital.

Improving by “living the vision”

Our HSEQ programme «Living the Vision» is one of the most important tools Solvang has to achieve our vision and putting our core values to life every day.