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We care for our people

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Our officers and crew members are – and must be – physically and mentally fit to meet challenges that confront them every day.

We know a healthy lifestyle contributes to well-being, and therefore it has a high priority at Solvang. This is supported by our health policy and is one of the main parts in Solvang’s «Living the Vision programme».

Our target is always that all employees aboard our vessels and in the offices take care of their bodies and minds. Finding a good balance both physically and mentally is vital.

Mental health

Mental health was one of the main topics in our Living the Vision programme in 2020. This was followed up in several Living the Vision meetings during the year as the consequences of the pandemic became evident. Meetings focusing on Shell’s resilience programme Let’s Talk (from Maritime partners in safety) have also been conducted. Online mental training is mandatory for our seafarers who are in quarantine. This is a 1-day seminar by NTCM (Norwegian Training Centre Manila) focusing on mental health and what awaits them when they sign on in the current situation.

Nutrition and exercise

Solvang has a victual cooperation with the Thome Group, and all our cooks are trained according to an extensive catering programme, which covers menu planning, nutritional elements, etc. Solvang’s goals for health and nutrition on board is described in our Health and Nutrition policy, which provides guidance to all employees onboard Solvang’s vessels on how to choose healthy food. 

In 2020, we focused on exercise and wellness on board with the programme “Fittest in the Fleet” and social activities like movie nights, bingo, karaoke, Christmas decoration contest etc. The welfare funds were also expanded for purchase of equipment and prizes. This was done in cooperation with the seafarers in a common effort to remove focus on Covid-19 and loneliness and improve the team spirit on board in the fleet.

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Sick leave in Solvang 2021

Turnover + retention rate 2020

Cooperation with Halcyon Healthcare

Solvang has been cooperating with Halcyon Healthcare Clinic in Manila Philippines for premedical (PEME) screening of our Filipino seafarers for more than a decade. Everyone who signs on a Solvang vessel from the Philippines undergoes a NIS (Norwegian) medical check-up. We also cooperate with GARD (our P&I club) for extensive PEMEs for all Filipino seafarers. This is an extensive health examination which ensures the seafarers’ medical condition and health before signing on. Everyone also undergoes a BMI test and a conversation with medical personnel related to the importance of their diet, nutrition and regular exercise for staying healthy. 

Together with Thome, we have also initiated an annual “Solvang Best galley competition” in which health and nutrition are vital elements. 

This is important. In recent years, it has been a challenge for some of our employees that they have a healthy lifestyle on board, but they fail to maintain this when at home. Solvang has the mantra “healthy on board, healthy at home”. This includes follow-up of seafarers on vacation via Halcyon Healthcare Clinic. It has also been a focus area in «Living the Vision» where the seafarers have been challenged to focus on personal goals and make plans to ensure a healthy lifestyle at home between contracts.

Health insurance and pension

Solvang has comprehensive health insurance for our employees. Norwegian seafarers are covered by Norwegian social security, and all other nationalities are insured through Marine Benefits. This insures the employees and their families and covers doctor visits, sickness, hospitalisation. The system is cashless, so the employee books an appointment via the insurance company without paying in advance. 

Solvang also has pension plans for all nationalities not covered by a national pension scheme where an amount of their yearly wage is contributed. Our focus is to create a package that secures good health, stability and security for our colleagues and their families. 


Fitness status of Solvang seafarers’ pre-departure health examination