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Solvang’s people: We want you, we need you

From the cadet to the chairman, Solvang is people propelled by mutual respect, team spirit and quality, according to HR Director Kjetil Meling.

You cannot overstate the competitive advantage of having confident people driving the organization in unity. Solvang’s staff, as diverse and world-wide our people might be spread out, hold one thing in common: Our values.

Through consistent endeavor, the company has created a body of empowered people in all functions – from the owner at the top to the cadets crossing high seas. The mutual respect between equal individuals creates a team spirit extending to all of Solvang’s employees, operations and vessels.

“There is a clear ownership to be claimed by each and every man and woman at Solvang”, states Kjetil Meling, HR Director.

All in-house

While human capital management is a key to any shipowner’s success, most have outsourced their HR operation to external handlers. Not so at Solvang, which makes an example of keeping all hiring in-house. Not just the bridge and administration, but sailors, machine operators, cooks and cleaning personnel, to name but a few.

“The onshore administration extends respect to everyone on board our ships, to ascertain them of the top management’s support”, says Mr. Meling.

All onshore employees are hired through Solvang’s Norwegian mother company, while European crew are hired through Solvang Maritime. The Philippine seafarers are hired through Solvang Philippes Ltd.

“Everything is arranged to clearly identify  Solvang as the employer to serve and whose values to claim ownership to”, Mr.  Meling says.

A winning spirit

The pride of the fleet, whether pertaining to ethylene carriers, LGCs or the very large gas carriers, permeates the culture of Solvang.

Solvang promotes an inclusive work environment, prohibiting any form of discrimination based on sex, religion, cultural heritage, race, or other factors. The company is committed to conducting business with social consciousness and showing respect to all employees, business partners, and even competitors. Our uncompromising standards in health, environment, and safety serve as the physical respect for our people.

People will carry their workwear with recognizable pride, securing a candid dialogue with customers, as well as maintaining a strong reputation among seafarers.

“Blame us for being too generous granting Norwegian policy pensions or insurance rights to offshore personnel. But we are not being kind. We exchange control-by-fear with a structure for quality. A fundament for Solvang’s winning spirit, which is our foremost competitive advantage”, Mr. Meling states.

From the cadet to the chairman, Solvang is people propelled by mutual respect, team spirit and quality.


Core values:
Mutual respect - team spirit - quality

Main goals for Solvang's customers:

Be the preferred carrier of LPG and petrochemicals worldwide

Main goals for Solvang's employees:

Happy, motivated and proactive employees

Main goals for Solvang's owners:

Be profitable in a long perspective

Solvang's main goal for the society:

Be a CSR-leading company