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Solvang’s values and commitment to ethics

Mutual respect, team spirit, and quality comprise the fundamentals of Solvang, which we convey in all our business operations.


Solvang has developed as a company within a Norwegian tradition of honest labor and people having to trust each other at sea in often harsh weather. We made an effort to define and integrate some of the best values from our surroundings with our own identity and organization.

Solvang’s ethical fundamentals consist of mutual respect, team spirit, and quality. These values underpin and qualify the ethical guidelines which govern the company’s relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, owners, competitors, the public sector, and society at large.

Inclusion and respect

Solvang promotes an inclusive work environment, prohibiting any form of discrimination based on sex, religion, cultural heritage, race, or other factors. The company is committed to conducting business with social consciousness and showing respect to all employees, business partners, and even competitors. Our uncompromising standards in health, environment, and safety serve as the physical respect for our people.

At Solvang we treat every employee with the respect and dignity of being a human individual. In addition to the rights that follow, this respect also entails the responsibility of every employee to stick to their ethics. Management is overseeing ethical compliance across the company, warning that violations of guidelines may trigger consequences.

Business ethics

Solvang expects honesty and integrity in all business relations, including transparent documentation of transactions and avoiding any activities that conflict with domestic law. We encourage seeking advice and supervision in cases of doubt about competencies and interests that could harm the company’s reputation. Incidents are to be reported, and Solvang guarantees the protection of whistleblowers in cases of suspected irregularities.

To ensure conduct in harmony with our core values and ethical guidelines, Solvang offers an ethical conduct test to assist our people in their everyday roles and functions:

When making decisions that affect business ethics and personal conduct, employees should consider the legality, fairness, consequences, and justifiability of their actions.